Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I think Swifty is a pretty cool guy. He's good at warriors and doesn't afraid of anything. His first video inspired me to pvp back in the day when I used to play WoW. Everytime I needed that nudge to keep going I'd load up the video and just get psyched out. Learning from him, my old arena 2v2 (Warrior/Paladin) was able to hold at about 1900 rating. Granted, this was close to 4 years ago in Burning Crusade. I know we weren't the best out there, but improving because of Swifty's videos/tutorials and trying to apply that to arena's and pvp was a whole lot of fun.

I even ended up making my own little pvp video. The video quality is pretty awful (I had a terrible computer at the time) and now I kinda regret the music choice, but I was young and excited, haha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzkJlmFbQzI

I stopped playing WoW since Wraith of the Lich King came out, but I still watch his new videos and everytime I do I get that itch to get back into WoW to see if I'm any good anymore. Maybe one day I'll be re-united with my Paladin and we can get back in the fray.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Final Fantasy VIII

Now I know Final Fantasy VII is the favorite of the series. I will admit it was fun. But, for me anyways, Final Fantasy VIII was more enjoyable. I'm replaying it for the first time in about eight years and I'm experiencing some extreme nostalgia. Remembering waiting to get the hell out of school so I can continue the fantasy. Until the reality of homework hit me.

I can't pinpoint what draws me into the game so intensely. I play newer rpg's like, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and The Elder Scrolls series all of which are absolutely amazing games, but the overall feel of Final Fantasy VIII seems to beat them.

I'm hoping the next Final Fantasy will be a lot better than thirteen. I really couldn't get into the newest one. For lack of a better word: It sucked. One thing I didn't like about VIII was playing those alternate characters. Laguna and all that jazz. It was interesting, but I always found myself speeding through those segments.

Well, I hear my psp calling me. Time to get back to it. Great game. Give it a shot if the opportunity ever presents itself.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Psp Go

People seemed to hate this thing. I decided to give it a chance.
I had a psp 3000 or whatever it's suppose to be called. I loved it. Apparently, someone loved it more than me and stole it. Now I wanted a new one and I wanted a way to physically harm who had taken it, but since a psp go is cheaper than a hitman I decided to go with that.

Well first, I need to say I'm happy to see the UMD disappear. No more carrying around games like back in the pokemon days. Being able to load up a new game without trading out discs. Although I do miss pretending I'm loading a pistol when swapping. I like the smaller size. That means I can keep it in my pocket without looking like I had a t.v. remote jammed into my pants. The screen is a bit smaller, something like 1/4 of an inch smaller, it didn't bother me. And the battery life seems to be lacking, but that doesn't get to me too much because I don't plan to be sitting in a dark room, clenching onto a liter of mountain dew and bag of cheetos puffs going for that ultimate gaming marathon. Why cheetos puffs? Because they're damn delicious.
I think the go is a good system. The next psp can only get better.

Weird Dream

In a diner with two men and an alien. Apparently this is a meeting. Sitting next to alien discussing the future of man-kind. I look at alien, it makes a weird face at me, disregard...continue with meeting. Alien elbows me in the side, I respond with a stern look. Alien repeatedly elbows me, and begins to look progressively angrier. Alien is an asshole. I beat the alien life out of it. Punching it in its alien face and slamming its head into the table. It stops moving. I stop beating it. Everyone in diner stares at me. I begin to hear sirens. Run outside of dinner. Can't breathe. This isn't earth. There's no oxygen. Run frantically through the streets of alien town. Find an office looking building to hide from Space Police. While in building I construct a breathing apparatus out of a cardboard box, printer cartridges, a straw, duct tape and a filter for air conditioning. Took too long to build. Space Police are searching building. Try to escape with Jessica Chobot  (because she's there evidently). Get caught and taken to Space Jail.