Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weird Dream

In a diner with two men and an alien. Apparently this is a meeting. Sitting next to alien discussing the future of man-kind. I look at alien, it makes a weird face at me, disregard...continue with meeting. Alien elbows me in the side, I respond with a stern look. Alien repeatedly elbows me, and begins to look progressively angrier. Alien is an asshole. I beat the alien life out of it. Punching it in its alien face and slamming its head into the table. It stops moving. I stop beating it. Everyone in diner stares at me. I begin to hear sirens. Run outside of dinner. Can't breathe. This isn't earth. There's no oxygen. Run frantically through the streets of alien town. Find an office looking building to hide from Space Police. While in building I construct a breathing apparatus out of a cardboard box, printer cartridges, a straw, duct tape and a filter for air conditioning. Took too long to build. Space Police are searching building. Try to escape with Jessica Chobot  (because she's there evidently). Get caught and taken to Space Jail.

1 comment:

  1. Nice, hope it's not like super-jail. ;)

    I had an interesting dream last night, the blog would be x-rated and filled with stuff you don't want to hear though.