Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I think Swifty is a pretty cool guy. He's good at warriors and doesn't afraid of anything. His first video inspired me to pvp back in the day when I used to play WoW. Everytime I needed that nudge to keep going I'd load up the video and just get psyched out. Learning from him, my old arena 2v2 (Warrior/Paladin) was able to hold at about 1900 rating. Granted, this was close to 4 years ago in Burning Crusade. I know we weren't the best out there, but improving because of Swifty's videos/tutorials and trying to apply that to arena's and pvp was a whole lot of fun.

I even ended up making my own little pvp video. The video quality is pretty awful (I had a terrible computer at the time) and now I kinda regret the music choice, but I was young and excited, haha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzkJlmFbQzI

I stopped playing WoW since Wraith of the Lich King came out, but I still watch his new videos and everytime I do I get that itch to get back into WoW to see if I'm any good anymore. Maybe one day I'll be re-united with my Paladin and we can get back in the fray.